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Sears Roebuck and Co
(662) 680-6200
1001 Barnes Crossing Rd Ste 400
Tupelo, MS
Dollar General Stores
(662) 680-4812
100 Briar Ridge Rd
Tupelo, MS
T J Maxx
(662) 844-2438
4298 Mall Dr
Tupelo, MS
Dollar General Store
(662) 844-5977
2607 Traceland Dr
Tupelo, MS
Dollar General Stores
(662) 680-3146
5484 Cliff Gookin Blvd
Tupelo, MS
Family Dollar Stores
(662) 841-2819
701 W Main St
Tupelo, MS
Goody's Family Clothing
(662) 840-9405
3875 N Gloster St
Tupelo, MS
Sam's Club
(662) 840-6459
3833 N Gloster St
Tupelo, MS
Walls Bargain Center
(662) 840-9884
1708 S Gloster St
Tupelo, MS
Dollar General Stores
(662) 680-6485
705 S Gloster St
Tupelo, MS

Range Time Therapy

Range Time Therapy

Kevin D. Michalowski | Jun 24, 2009 | Comments 0

As Struther Martin so eloquently put it in the film classic Cool Hand Luke, sometimes you need to “…git yer mind right.”

Well, them sandal-wearing, tree-hugging hippies might want to go sit at the beach and listen to the seagulls cry, but I prefer different sounds. I prefer the crack of gun fire and the ring of steel targets. For me, aromatherapy is the smell of burnt gunpowder followed by gun cleaning solvent and a light coat of oil.

People here in the office point out there is a noticeable difference in my demeanor when I return from the range. Apparently I’m more agreeable and tolerant. Some have even gone so far as to say I look happy when I come back from time spent at the range. But I quickly point out that “happy” is reserved for the time I spend with my kids; at the range or anywhere else.

Because I am, by nature, a list-maker there tend to be certain activities that allow me to “git my mind right” depending on the happenings of any given day. That is, my level of frustration over a certain situation can be reduced by specific shooting activities.
Here are some examples. This list should not be considered comprehensive and I do not claim that my particular form of psychotherapy will in any way help your particular brand of neurosis, but it’s worth a try.

Close-range pistol shooting: This activity improves my mood when things beyond my control go wrong. Let’s say I come out to start the day and notice I have a flat tire on the truck. The therapeutic sequence is as follows: Swear. Locate jack and tire tool. Loosen lug nuts and lift vehicle. Struggle to remove spare tire from underside of truck. Swear. Replace flat tire. Return to house to change clothes and clean up. Grab pistol bag, target stands and ammo. At some point during the day I will head to the range and fire three to five magazines at targets not more than 10 yards distant alternating between rapid fire and double taps.

High-volume .22 caliber rifle shooting: If I do something really stupid, like allow errors to slip into the magazine or forget to take the trash to the curb, I can usually correct my personal problem with the following therapeutic sequence: Notice error. Swear. Retreat into several minutes of quiet reflection and self-loathing. Grab .22 bag and select suitable rifle and targets and at least 500 rounds of ammo. Retire to range to perforate targets until they are unrecognizable.

This therapy offers me a couple options. I have several Ruger 10/22 rifles and a GSG-5. If you have not seen the GSG-5, it is a near clone of the H&K MP-5. Loading up several 25-round magazines for the GSG-5 is like preparing for a birthday party. You just know what’s coming next is going to be fun. The one problem I’ve encountered revolves around trying to destroy the Newbold targets I like to use. You just can’t kill a Newbold target.
Hollow points do some damage, but I’ve ...

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