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Gun Repair Service
(706) 232-6161
1203 Calhoun Avenue Northeast
Rome, GA
Frank`s Gun & Pawn Shop
(706) 232-8936
879 Old Cedartown Road Southeast
Lindale, GA
Roy`s Gun Service
(770) 773-3548
77 King Road Northwest
Adairsville, GA
Southern Outdoors
210 West Pine St
Mc Rae, GA
Lane, Forrest J Jr
615 Hatchee Ridge Rd
Dublin, GA
Toms Gun Shop
(706) 235-7927
6 Westdale Avenue Southwest
Rome, GA
Buck`s Pawn & Gun Shop
(706) 232-4007
3100 Maple Road Southeast
Lindale, GA
Empire General Store
6176 Cochran Hwy
Cochran, GA
C&C Pawn City Inc
410 W North St
Vidalia, GA
Thompsons Farm Supply Inc
382 East Parker St
Baxley, GA

The Legalities of Class III firearms

The Legalities of Class III Firearms

Dave Morelli | May 18, 2010 | Comments 1

M40Firing a .308 bolt action with a suppressor by AWC. The suppressor keeps muzzle flash and sound signature to a minimum, making it an asset in tactical operations.

Forty-five states allow legally registered machine guns. These firearms are available to civilians if they were manufactured and registered before the magic date in May, 1986. They are called transferable machine guns. All the usual requirements for gun ownership, and then some, apply.

Actually the form that needs to be filled out has similar questions that are on the Form 4473 that you fill out when purchasing a new gun. There is a part on the form where the application needs to be signed by the chief law enforcement official of the area in which you will keep the gun. This is usually not a problem unless possession violates some ordinance or local law.

Before purchasing or possessing any machine gun or buying or building a silencer, apply for and have the ATF registration and tax stamp for the equipment in hand.

But let’s be specific here and use the proper terms. Select-fire weapons are guns that can fire more than one round with one pull of the trigger. Some select-fire weapons will continue firing until the magazine is empty or the trigger is released and some have the ability to limit the number of rounds fired each time the trigger is pulled, as in the three-shot burst configurations.

All this has been summed up by our phraseology culture as a machine gun and deemed not necessary for private citizens by the anti-gun crowd.

The same goes for the suppressor. This technology allows us to reduce the noise of firearms so that we may shoot without hearing protection and noise to bother our neighbors. But somewhere along the line the “silencer” became an evil assassin’s tool.

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